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Would You Follow Yourself?

social media manager social media stragety Oct 17, 2023

I have a quick question for you that will help you level up your brand as a SMM...

Would you follow yourself? 

Personally, a few years ago I would not have followed myself. When you’re producing bad graphics, bad tips, and bad content in general.. why would you expect someone to hit that follow button? 

A lot of Social Media Managers listen to everyone around them on how to run their account., If this is you I would take a second and ask myself how I would run my account without anyone’s input. 

A good brand with give you a good or bad thought when initially interacting with it. 

A brand worth following MAKES YOU FEEL. Whether with unique content, being authentically yourself and relatable, or simply asking the right questions. 


Your content should be thought-provoking! 

“Should I share this post”, “Would these services help my business”, etc. 

Think about your own customer journey: 

The second they follow you to the moment they become your customer/client, think about what you’re SOLVING for them. 

Compile a simple list of the transactions of how you want new followers to experience your brand: 


Introduction: Having a clear brand and content in place that states who you are and what your services are 

Building Trust: Create QUALITY educational content that shows you know what you’re talking about 

Converting to a Lead: They have seen everything your content provides and decided that they want to purchase from you

Testimonial: Finally, they give you an amazing testimonial preaching about how awesome your services were 


If you’re looking for more ways to build your brand you should check out TSA's Social Media Matrix, the only Social Media strategy you'll need! 

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