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Social Media Management Systems: Best Workflows To Help Social Media Managers Stay Productive & Organized

Dec 06, 2021

As a social media manager, do you constantly feel overwhelmed with your tasks list? 

Social media management is one of those jobs that require processes and organization because there are so many moving parts. 

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter are all battling for your attention. It's a challenge to keep up with delivering timely content for your customers while still providing them with the necessary support they need.

This is why having a dedicated workflow is so important. It systemizes your task so you’ll know what needs to be done. Another plus of having a dedicated workflow is that you can start automating repetitive tasks so you don’t have to remember to do them at all. And if we’re being honest, automation is a secret key to increasing productivity and being able to charge premium prices for your services.

Let us discuss some social media management tools first and then you'll get a simple workflow for your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. 

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Best Social Media Management Tools

When it comes to social media management, you’ll need a tool that does more than just schedule content. Your social media strategy requires software that allows you to track performance and manage your audience with ease. This means having quick and easy access to marketing tools within the same platform. Another required feature is the ability to manage your client accounts on the web as well as within an intuitive mobile app. 


Planoly is a super simple social media management software that most new brands use to schedule and plan their content. It’s very popular amongst Instagram users because of the visual content calendar. One drawback is that it doesn’t provide in-depth analytics to help you track performance so it wouldn’t be ideal if you manage multiple clients. They also only support 5 integrations so automation becomes a lot more difficult. 

Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is one of the top social media management tools that agencies use. It has over 20 integrations and has features like brand reputation management, analytics reporting, and brand tracking. You can also manage all of your client's social media channels on one platform. 


Hootsuite is in the same category as Sprout Social. It has the same features with a few added ones like social media advertising and over 140 integrations. Hootsuite is best for agencies that also assist with marketing strategy and digital marketing ads. Both Sprout Social and Hootsuite may be too robust for brands that are just starting. 

Get More Done With This Social Media Management Workflow

Maintaining your client’s social presence across multiple social profiles requires organization and a well throughout process. In my SMM Agency Course, I show you how to build your very own workflow that is specially tailored to your business needs. 

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Below you’ll find a daily, weekly, and monthly task checklist that will help you get started. 

Daily Workflow Checklist 

  1. Schedule posts on feed and post to the stories
  2. Respond to any comments or direct messages (DMs)to offer top-tier customer support 
  3. Research relevant hashtags
  4. Monitor client relationship management (CRM) platform for client correspondence
  5. New client prospecting
  6. Network with other influencers in your industry 
  7. Connect with your target audience through social listening
  8. Read and review educational resources to stay on top of changes in your industry

Weekly Workflow Checklist

  1. Check in with your clients to gather any necessary information or assets
  2. Monitor and record analytics from the social media management platform
  3. Notate any increases in engagement and best performing posts
  4. Follow-up on any outstanding proposals 
  5. Use Google analytics to update your marketing analytics and set new metrics
  6. Batch video content of valuable information to share for your social platforms (Reels, YT, TikTok, etc.) 

Monthly Workflow

  1. Create a detailed analytics report
  2. Curate a 30-day content calendar for social media posts 
  3. Schedule monthly client meeting
  4. Update and review any outstanding invoices
  5. Review and set new marketing goals
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