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Self-Doubt: Learn How To Stop Doubting Yourself + 10 Daily Affirmations To Help You Overcome Self-Doubt As An Entrepreneur

tyler denae Oct 19, 2021

I remember starting my business with NO social media experience and wondering if it was possible for me to get real results? It was something that affected my mental health on a daily basis and to be honest it was extremely draining.

For some reason, I thought that I needed to be an expert who knew everything about social media to be a successful social media manager. My internal struggle was battling with the idea that there was no way businesses would trust me to manage their social media pages. But why was I thinking like this about myself? Why would I question my own abilities?

Self-doubt. That’s why.

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What is self-doubt?

Self-doubt is having a lack of faith in yourself. It’s something that many entrepreneurs struggle with throughout their careers but it is more common with people who are entering entrepreneurship. 

For most people, it starts with negative thoughts like “ I can’t do this” or “I don’t have enough talent and experience to achieve this.” This is the type of self-talk that causes entrepreneurs to develop a crippling fear of failure. That fear is what starts the domino effect of self-sabotage and eventually you do fail. But it’s not because you weren’t capable of succeeding. You just allowed yourself to dwell on your insecurities. The more you focus on those flaws, the more you start to question your own abilities. 

In many cases, self-doubt stems from overthinking and seeking validation from your peers. Yes, feelings of self-doubt can be triggered by scrolling through Instagram and Twitter. You see successful people with thriving social media management agencies and you compare yourself. In that moment, instead of falling into the cycle of self-criticism, you need to have a game plan. 

Take action by using positive daily affirmations to change your thought pattern, build confidence, and reaffirm your self-worth. 

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10 Daily Affirmations To Help You Overcome Self-Doubt

Affirmations help you keep your thoughts positive and your mind focused on all the right things. They can be recited any time of day as many times as you need. 

Don’t know where to start? Here are 10 Daily Affirmations for Social Media Managers to help you overcome self-doubt.

  1. “My unique skills and gifts are perfect for the opportunities presented to me, and I will not doubt myself out of fear.”
  2. “I have the knowledge, skill, and talent to succeed”
  3. “I am confident and capable of handling any challenge”
  4. “I value personal victories over public validation”
  5. “I give myself full permission to learn as I go”
  6. “The passion I have for my work continues to grow”
  7. “I have support from my friends, family, and other entrepreneurs"
  8. " I am making a difference and creating value with my services"
  9. " I invest in myself and my business regularly to promote growth"
  10. "I am in charge of my own life. I build the foundation and I choose what I let in"

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