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How to Successfully Onboard a New Client

Mar 20, 2022

Let's talk onboarding!

You've been marketing yourself, showing up, and having some amazing sales calls-- but what do you do after they've given you a YES?

I remember early on in my business I would scramble to figure out how to get their passwords and assets, what I would need to create a strategy, and even HOW to create their strategy.

That's before I had an onboarding system!

I truly believe the onboarding process for a new client sets the tone for the entire duration of the relationship. Chaotic onboarding = chaotic relationship.

A good onboarding system helps to:

  • Avoid client churn 
  • Provides consistent income
  • Creates the foundation for a long term working realtionship

Here are a few of my favorite tips for a successful onboarding experience!

Tip #1: Allocate enough time for gathering assets and any tech issues.

With social media things are bound to go wrong. The wrong passwords, FB not syncing, 2-factor authorizations, etc. Create a timeline that gives you wiggle room for things to go wrong. Ours is 4-7 business days!

Tip #2: Automate as much as possible!

My hands don't touch the onboarding process until it's time to create the strategy. The proposal, contract, payment, onboarding form, and kick-off call scheduling is allll automated via Dubsado! (Check it out here)

Tip #3: Create a welcome video with Loom!

Let your new client know that you are excited to work with them and what to expect during the process! (Check out Loom here!)


Tip #4: Send an onboarding gift!

When I was just getting started I sent every new client a $25 gift card. Now that I have a bigger budget I send a bouquet of flowers or gift basket. A small gesture that makes a HUGE impact!


What are some onboarding tips that you swear by? Let us know if our free Facebook Group: Social Bosses!

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